Our Core Values

It’s our dedication to core values that truly distinguishes us from other non-profit organizations.  Our founder, Allison Baver, not only created these principles we are based on, but also commits herself to upholding them personally and professionally.  We use them as a guide for all foundation endeavors and people that become a part of our efforts, sharing our same values and core value to Achieve Great Things.  She has made it her mission to expand on them and bring them to the forefront of every action and inspiration the foundation aims to achieve.



As a non-profit organization, we have chosen "Achieve Great Things" as our core value, Excellence, Respect and Friendship are the Olympic Values and we use that as our support structure.  In order to accomplish great things we have identified "Dream/Faith/Believe." - "Team/Support" - "Execute/Achieve" - "Plan/Goals" - "Learning/Education" - "Life/Career" -  "Health/Self" - "Peers/Community" as our building blocks to do so. "Achieve Great Things" is considered our defining core value and serves as our guiding light. When this simple philosophy is followed, athletic, academic and personal success is inevitable and that light will shine on others for all to achieve.

While many non-profit organizations do not have an organizational structure that is defined by core values, at OTI we have developed this as our culture.  By "achieving great things" and embracing our core values, we lift ourselves higher and excel in all other areas, leading by example and consistently achieving our philanthropic efforts and helping our youth one skate lace at a time.