Why GRIT?  "Once you reach a certain level, everyone has talent.  It takes GRIT to become the best." -Allison Baver

GRIT provides an inclusive power skating - a high performance hockey training process for elite athletes, coach's and team's furthering the OTI vision to "achieve great things."  GRIT takes your performance to the next level.  Allison Baver has identified 5 "STAR" attributes of Power Skating for optimal performance. This world-class power skating process is one of a kind and designed to dynamically develop a hockey player and team's overall game by making specific improvements in key areas taking skaters at any point of their career (yes, even NHL stars!) to the next level.


1.  Skating Technique and Efficiency

2.  Nutrition - Maximizing power and recovery using Power to Weight Ratio and Performance Nutrition.

3.  Agility Training - Reaction and Balance including Static, Dynamic and Co-Coordination.

4.  Interval Training - Acceleration and Threshold and Power Endurance.

5.  Explosive Power - Strength and Plyometics


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 Allison Baver GRIT

Allison Baver GRIT