Allison Baver Foundation

The Allison Baver Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 by the Olympic Medalist and American Short Track Speed Skater, Model, and Entrepreneur, Allison Baver.   Allison's original foundation, Off the Ice Foundation partnered with the Giving Back Fund for the 2010 Olympics and in 2012 became it's own official 501C3 and grassroots skating sports foundation.  In 2018 shortly after the launch of Allison's designer active-fashion label in 2017, Off the Ice Foundation grew to become Allison Baver Foundation, empowering emerging go-getters everywhere.


The Allison Baver Foundation supports the self-empowerment of emerging go-getters by providing students access to programs and resources that encourage and support victory in achievement. 


Allison believes that the next generation is our best investment.  The Allison Baver Foundation is committed to continuously empowering emerging go-getters so they can attain independence, strengthen job creation, and inspire the world we live in.





7 Qualities of a Go-Getter

1. Go-getters are people who believe in themselves – and this causes others to believe in them as well.

2. Go-getters are determined and passionate. Their enthusiasm is clear to everyone.

3. Go-getters are persistent despite the obstacles. Each time they are knocked down they get back up and try again.

4. Go-getters are inventive, creative and resourceful. They think outside the box and love to generate ideas.

5. Go-getters are proactive and openly face problems. They see them as a challenge, and a way to get ahead.

6. Go-getters are adaptive, and are highly flexible. If something doesn’t work – then they will try a different way.

7. Go-getters are great dreamers who also set clear goals. They know where they are going and they are focused on their goals. 



  Penn State Woman in Business Powerful Woman Paving the Way Conference

Penn State Woman in Business Powerful Woman Paving the Way Conference