Allison Baver the designer active fashion label launched in 2017.  Over the course of my Olympic, Modeling and Fashion career I realized that some people succeed because they are destined and then others because they are determined.  I've learned the obstacles many people face on the path to achievement are know-how, resources and aggressive determination.  In sports we call this attitude, the "will to win" and the “eye of the tiger”.   Winning is an inside job and attitude is everything. Attaining your desires also requires consistency, teamwork, fortitude, goal strategy, preparation, hope and faith.  It takes all you've got to the distance and little more to go for the gold.  That is why in 2018 Off the Ice Foundation (Est. 2010) evolved to become Allison Baver's Off the Ice Foundation to empower emerging go-getters everywhere.

Arising from experiences of Allison’s go-getter personality and on conversations with champions, achievers, and business leaders around the world, we have developed programs and resources that invest in the success of students and the next generation of go-getters.  

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